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Template vs Custom platform

Template based website:

Template sites typically require only limited web design experience and minimal programming effort. A website template is a pre-built website composed of HTML pages that include integrated images, text content, support files for font styles, etc.

Custom based website:

The word custom based is taken in its literal meaning. Custom built websites involve a team behind your business. It starts with a creative process to understand your target audience, who you want to reach, how you want the website to function, and how you want to look on the internet. It can be tailor according to the need.

Competative economy:

Taking this one factor for granted is not a wise idea. The market is very competitive before getting your website developed. You need to know your audience only; that way, you will decide which platform to opt.
One can go for the template-based website if they want to be comfortable in their pockets, or maybe they want to be on the internet within no time, but why to give a me-too impression. The template-based websites are not user friendly.
Custom-designed websites have greater credibility. It’ll be an easier sell to your visitor if they know you have a handcrafted experience. The developer will be able to optimize the site as per the need.

Summing up:

Take into account all the criteria mentioned above and choose the most optimal solution for your specific business needs. There is no standardized solution when it comes to development. Template-based requires less time and effort, while custom development provides a website tailored solely for your business needs and unique design that helps your brand stand out.

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