Tech stack development for new start-ups

Planning something new and then putting all your hopes so high with it is what we all do, but how can one be so sure of his business’s success or progress? The person who generated the idea has a perfect image in his mind. He can even portray his view so other stakeholders, but the understanding of the product is vague when it comes to implementation.

What is a technology stack?

In elementary words, the technology stack is a set of tools and frameworks used in software development. In other words, it’s the combination of programming languages, frameworks, and tools used to develop web and mobile applications.

Structure-wise, tech stack consists of two equal elements. One is front-end or client-side; the other is server-side or back-end. Combined, they create a stack.

While we do not recommend simply copying someone’s tech stack blindly, sometimes it might be useful to know what similar services are included in their tech stack list:

  • Nginx
  • MySQL
  • Python and a bunch of other technologies

Importance of tech stack:

Founders, especially those without a tech background, have a hard time finding out which technology stack they should use for their product. All the members must know the impact of technology stack onto the work to make a wise decision about tech stack before developing the product.

A technology stack’s greatest asset is its conversational skills. That is, the importance of a tech stack lies in its ability to convey many details precisely.

A complete understanding of the product to be is needed. The use of a tech stack is what can assure success. Although Technology stack development sounds all technological, this does not imply that non-developers can ignore it. Not knowing might surprise you whether that’s because you didn’t anticipate them, you’re unsure of the best way to respond, or you don’t yet have enough knowledge that you needed to address appropriately.

How to choose the right tech stack?

With this variety of tools, platforms, and stacks, choosing the right tech stack that will work best for your project is challenging. Choosing a technology is a TASK within a TASK and requires absolute effort, but the choice decides how your application will be developed & used.

If you are a non-technical person, it’s tempting to find the nearest developer and rely on their advice when choosing a tech stack. However, if you are a driving force, in that case, you may be biased towards the technology tools with which they are most comfortable, or judge technologies purely on technical merits rather than business needs.

There are several basic questions that you must consider before choosing the best combo

What is the purpose of your product?

  • How and where your customers will use the product?
  • Will the app exist on desktop or mobile?
  • Is it a news site that will get millions of visitors every day?
  • How much money are you ready to spend on product development?
  • If you want to target a more technologically advanced market?

Apart from the lists of questions you need make sure to take each major aspect in account.You need to consider what’s important for you. You need to keep the following points in your point:

  • Project requirement
  • Type of product
  • Size of business
  • Availability of resources
  • Development & maintenance cost.

Successful technology stack:

Analyzing the technologies used in creating a successful project may help better understand each tool’s advantages. Let’s look at the stacks that are at the core of some popular web applications that have proved their performance.

For example: Facebook


Different web applications use different approaches for choosing the development tools, so no technology stack can claim to be the best.

Summing up:

After knowing your priorities will help both you and the developer. To choose the most appropriate tech stack for your product, you need to assess it, considering the product’s unique specifics comprehensively – but think in advance and not be short-sighted.