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Here at Synergistlab, we pride ourselves on our passion for helping our clients. We have built a reputation for providing excellent digital services for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It began with an intense enthusiasm for technology and a curiosity into how we can harness it to help businesses adapt and innovate in ways never seen before. From the development of websites for small startups to the strategic maintenance and inventory analysis for enterprise businesses, our team has been revolutionizing the tech capabilities of companies for years.

We have a mission of helping you achieve your goals with our virtual teams. We want to help you upgrade your business and take it to the next level. Trust in Synergistlab and we can help you to unlock your true business potential.


PIKKUP is a mobile app that helps users to find the closest and cheapest assistance center for a broken car based on their geolocation. It aims to bridge the gap that exists between a car owner and a car service provider and deliver various services like evacuation, locksmith, fuel delivery etc.


Stiint CRM

A unified system to manage the relationship with the clients

Collaborative workplace that helps to analyze and optimize the work of sales managers, track the progress of the deals and automate the operational processes.